Permission Based Skills

No, really, thank YOU

No really – I want you to get this.  It’s because of people like you – people who really care – that this work is so rewarding.

As someone who is committed to creating an extraordinary workplace culture, YOU make the difference – for yourself and for your team.  Your commitment ripples out into the community impacting all the l Read more >

One Way to “Balance” the Big Picture with the Important Details

Bookend the week with both.

Open the week by speaking to the mission and painting the vision in vivid detail.  Also outline the measurable strategic progress and actionable bite-size steps the team is taking that week to achieve strategic quarterly goals.  Then share your belief in their capacity and speak to the strength of your shared identity Read more >

Walk the Talk – Integrity at a Whole New Level

Two buzz words/cliches that have gotten so over used that they rarely receive their due any more – “walk the talk” and “integrity.”  Throw in “actions speak louder than words.”


Yes, I don’t have a new sexy saucy way to say what is simply one of the cornerstones of trust between people.  What I can tell you is that a company who is perce Read more >

What I learned about Employee Management from a High School Principal

My friend was a principal at a local high school.

One day he witnessed a group of students on school grounds almost run over an older woman with their skateboards.

He immediately called them into his office and told them that their thoughtless behavior was completely unacceptable.  He could have said – “That’s it.  No more skateboarding on sc Read more >

One of the Best Employee Management Tools

As you can imagine, I read a lot of books, articles and blogs about employees.  Here’s one you don’t want to miss  – a brilliant tangible management book and a valuable assessment all in one.

$16 from Amazon or $30 to support your local book store – you’ll want one for each of your employees.

Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Bu Read more >

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