Position Based Skills

How to Have More Confidence in the Workplace


I recently had a manager share with me that how he shows up at work with his team is dramatically different than how he shows up at home or with friends.   At home and with friends he feels a sense of ease and confidence.  At work, he’s worried about being judged and hesitates to speak up.

And I told him –yes, you are being judged, Read more >

Forgive AND Forget

I’ve spoken about the power of genuinely owning and apologizing for one’s behavior, lack of accountability, etc. – especially if you’re in a leadership and management role – and then specifically outlining how it won’t happen again.  This inspires your team to not only forgive, but also to rise up to support creating different results.  Once the “b Read more >

Good Measure of Employee Happiness – "Where we at?"

Is tenure a good measure of employee happiness?  This was a question I was asked today.  And my immediate answer was no.  And then yes. And then it depends.

So why so wishy washy?  Most people would immediately say – yes!  But of course.  If your employees stay with you, they must be happy.

So yes – if your long-time employees are fabulous co Read more >

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