Prioritization Process

Goals or KPIs? Why Your Culture Needs Both.

I’ve seen many organizations make the cultural mistake of either collapsing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), or focusing on just one.

You need both.  If you just have goals, you’re missing daily motivating momentum and focus.  If you have only key performance indicators, you’re missing inspiringRead more >

How to Determine When to STOP Investing in an Employee’s Development – 8 Key Questions

Yes, there does come a time when you’ve done everything you can to make a square peg fit into a round hole and alas it’s not working.  I’m all for compassion, empathy and understanding.  However I’m also for what’s best for your organization and the individuals in it.

Just for a moment, step back.  And imagine being them – imagi Read more >

7 Keys for Getting Employee Buy-In for New Software & Technology

You bought new technology to streamline your business, be competitive, improve your company and its bottom-line. You wanted to bring your business into the 21st century.

Now? You’ve got an employee mutiny on your hands.

If you’re thinking of getting new software, think first about getting employee buy-in. Software can only be Read more >

A "Discipline" Process that’s Worthwhile

Quite honestly, “discipline” or “correction” is not appropriate in the workplace.  Employees are not children.  And managers are not nuns in a 1940’s classroom.  And yet bad things happen.  And so what’s a manager to do?*

  1. Sit down face to face with the employee as soon as possible after the incident or behavior.
  2. Read more >

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