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How to Find Good Employees

Have them come to you.

Often we try to figure out how to find good employees when the most effective way to find good employees is simply to attract them. Think about the combination of your easiest hires and your best players – most of them either came to you or were referred in by one of your current team members.

So ho Read more >

3 Ways to Distinguish Fantasy from Reality in an Interview

How do you uncover if the person in front of you, in their best attire, smiling their best smile, is for real?

The next time you have an interview consider these three ways to distinguish who someone says they are from who they really are:

1) Approach the entire interview as an easy conversation.

You want a dialogue where stori Read more >

Quiz – Am I a good employee? Ten Questions to Consider

Mostly on this blog you’ll find ways companies can be better employers.  However here’s some questions and considerations for employees to chew on – not surprisingly many of these questions are applicable for the executive team too:

  1. Do you offer up innovative, creative, doable and financially feasible solutions for improvement?    (Or Read more >

8 tips for the Best Power Lunch (hint – no clients allowed)

Often CEOs, business owners and executives say they simply don’t have time to “get on the ground floor” to see what’s going on among the “ranks.”


If you have time to see a client, you have time to see your employees – employees are as critical as your clients.  If you keep clear that your employees are your most important resource an Read more >

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