Remote Engagement

7 Simple Bite-Size Steps to Restore Joy & Vitality

Are you (or your team) burning out?

Do you feel good at the end of the day? Are you as productive as you used to be? Are you excited about your work?

If the answer (for you or your Read more >

Do Your People Feel Appreciated?

Do your people feel appreciated?

If you haven’t praised them for doing good work in the last week, they likely don’t, according to Gallup’s extensive Q12 researchRead more >

The Unexpected Secret to Retention After the Pandemic: Onboarding

Why Onboarding Matters More Than You Think

It’s becoming clear that effective onboarding is absolutely critical to retaining talent in the post-COVID world, as employers are struggling as never before to keep new talent on board.

With Read more >

Workplace Safety Culture: First, Focus on Shared Identity

It was 2003 and I was three weeks into taking the helm of a moving company and the department of transportation was about to shut us down.  The company had received a horrible audit six months prior and nothing had changed. I begged the auditor to give us a few more weeks to become compliant and instill a new (legal) way of doing things.  For safet Read more >

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