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Collaboration: When to Use It and When NOT to Use It

Collaboration is all the rage.  And for good reason.  It allows for a meeting of the minds, buy-in from those sitting at the table and an opportunity to consider diverse perspectives and options that may well contain the best next step.  However collaboration is not a cure-all.  More cooks in the kitchen doesn’t always make the sauce taste better.  Read more >

I agree, They don’t have time for this Employee "Happiness" Stuff

“We don’t have time for this employee “happiness stuff.”

I’ve now heard this more times than I’d like to admit.

And you know what, they’re right.

They don’t have the time.  And they don’t have the time because they would have the time if they took the time.

Time and money.  We always want to simultaneously save both and make both.

An Read more >

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