Reputation Based Skills

A Way Forward In The Midst Of Turmoil

Two Things You Can Do As A Leader Right Now

We’ve been knocked down, the ten count is almost done and it’s time to rise.

With Coronavirus, we’ve been face down on the mat for 3 long months wondering, waiting, hoping, and trying to figure out what this pandemic means for our future.

Arising in this uncertainty, is a histori Read more >

When Your Feelings Don’t Matter

A friend of mine who is the father of a 3 year-old told me that the other night his son asked him to give him a piggyback ride up the stairs for bath time.  It was the last thing he wanted to do – he was tired, it’d been a long day, and he was irritated by his son’s nagging.

And then he paused, and thought… “I’m committed to creating memorable m Read more >

Apathy or Commitment? You get what you listen for…

What do you pull for in your listening?

Consider – how do you hear your team?  Through what filters do you listen to them?

Are they a necessary evil? An interruption?  Your best asset?  A valued colleague?

Do you listen to them as someone you have to “babysit?” or someone you’re empowering?  Or someone who’s empowering you and your organiz Read more >

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