Team Bonding

Co-Complaining to Co-Creating Contagious Joy

Have you ever noticed how common it is to bond with others by complaining?

Have you ever noticed how questions like, “How ya doin’?” or “How have you been?” often come with a concerned look?  As if seeking what’s wrong. Seeking what’s not working.

Or how strangers or co-workers will complain about the weather?  Or how tired they are?  Or how Read more >

One Simple Way to Make Employee Recognition Easier

Do you have a team member who sulks or gets frustrated that no one is acknowledging their efforts or that no one appreciates the work they do?

The current paradigm suggests the manager should recognize and appreciate their team members.  And they should.  I have a whole training on how to create meaningful appreciation and recognition (quick Read more >

Lack of Accountability: Unkind Niceness

How many times have you not held your peer accountable in an effort to be “nice” because you didn’t want to hurt his/her feelings?”

How many times did you then go ahead and do the work yourself? Meanwhile making assumptions as to why they didn’t do the work.

And then how many times did it take before you began to feel resentful? Read more >

How do you get them to come in on time?

I recently got asked this the other day.  If you’re a business that needs to have your employees in at a certain time to be the face of your company to customers it will drive you crazy when someone consistently shows up 5-10 minutes late.  (Not to mention the annoyed co-worker who’s looking for their break, or the customer who can’t find someone t Read more >

Employee Culture – Why the Bottomline is a Bad Place to Start

When leaders are focused on the bottom-line, on the almighty $ dollar, so is everyone else who works for them.

Employees know when the company’s primary focus is money and not people, they need to take care of themselves.  They need to watch their back and look out for #1.  This of course creates a “what’s in it for me” culture and ofte Read more >

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