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Team Camaraderie

Be Courageous: Give Clueless Leadership a Clue

The CEO walked out of her office, looked around and muttered, “Everyone has gotten so fat.”

And then she hired a personal trainer for the team.


The team at this point doesn’t care why.

They’re demoralized.  And feel like now, on top of their jobs where they feel overworked and underappreciated, their boss thinks they’re fat and Read more >

A Couple of Quick Ways to Address Entitlement

1) Disrupt traditions that have lost their oomph.
•  Ditch the “ho hum,” recently described to me as “the annual company jacket” that is no longer a gift but an expectation. The road to entitlement is filled with good expectations.
•  And I’m not saying find a different version of the same thing, rather than thinking outs Read more >

Fair is not a dirty word.

In this blog, fair is defined as free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.

It’s a word we often say when we’re young, and not as often when we’re old.  “But that’s not fair” – the younger brother whines about the older sister’s self served bigger bowl of ice cream.  And the parents often respond with the old adage “well life’s not fair.”

Read more >

Get Messy

“Our People are Our Biggest Asset”

Really?  Do you believe it?  How do you know?

Are you just saying that?  Because it sounds good.  Really good.  And on some level we know it’s true.  Really true.  You know that without your employees, you couldn’t be in business.  And without excellent employees you can’t be an excellent business.

So the Read more >

Employee Camaraderie around Hating Work – What’s that about anyway?

Thank God It’s Friday.

I hate Mondays.

The weekend went by too fast.

Sarcastically, “Another day in paradise.”

I find it crazy that there is an inherent societal norm that bonds us together – to dislike or even hate work.  Pick out anybody, anywhere and you can say something disparaging about work, and they will nod in agreement and you Read more >

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