Workplace Apathy Series

Apathy or Commitment? You get what you listen for…

What do you pull for in your listening?

Consider – how do you hear your team?  Through what filters do you listen to them?

Are they a necessary evil? An interruption?  Your best asset?  A valued colleague?

Do you listen to them as someone you have to “babysit?” or someone you’re empowering?  Or someone who’s empowering you and your organiz Read more >

“Speak To the Heart and the Mind Will Follow.”*

Think about this simple statement.  And what it means for your communication with your team.

If our hearts believe it, our minds will justify it.

We will find (sometimes even create) the needed evidence to support the beliefs of our hearts.  Our minds can talk ourselves into and out of just about anything.  However what we Read more >

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