Is tenure a good measure of employee happiness?  This was a question I was asked today.  And my immediate answer was no.  And then yes. And then it depends.

So why so wishy washy?  Most people would immediately say – yes!  But of course.  If your employees stay with you, they must be happy.

So yes – if your long-time employees are fabulous contributors who not only drink the Koolaid, but serve the Koolaid and truly believe in the company, then yes, tenure is a good measure.

If you have employees who have been with you forever – that you should have let go a long time ago, then no, tenure is not a good measure.

Interestingly the same person who asked this question told me of something they do at their company called “Where we at?”  This is when they let everyone know the revenue for the day, week and month.  Recently one of his best employees left to pursue a dream.  Just today the owner received a text from this now ex-employee asking “Where we at?”  The ex-employee still wanted to know how “his” company was doing.

Now that’s what I call a real barometer of employee happiness.