Looking to build company culture?

You’ve come to the right place. In our work to help build company culture at a variety of organizations, we’ve developed and tweaked a number of tools and resources for you to work with as you move towards higher employee engagement and ultimately, happiness.

Get started today. Pick one or pick them all. And when you experience some incredible moments and breakthroughs, tell us your story. We love to hear from organizations whose culture has grown.

Weekly Culture Tips – Our free weekly newsletter is filled with bite size brilliance to help improve your company culture.

Culture Works Book, Workbook and Leadership System – This tactical how-to trifecta provides your leadership and management teams with doable, down-to-earth steps to create an extraordinary workplace culture.

ROI of Happy Employees – Here’s the two-page PDF you can share with your CFO that not only outlines the Return on Investment of Happy Employees – but also outlines the research and stats to back up those numbers.

ROI Calculator – Calculate the current bottom-line value of your workplace culture.  Note: you’ll want to do the litmus test first.

Why Happy? – Some people wonder why we focus on “happy,” envisioning sticky sweet rainbows and butterflies.  Here you’ll find why the happiness of your team matters.

Litmus Test – Within seconds, evaluate your team’s workplace experience.

Culture Challenges – Learn about the top 23 Culture Challenges that organizations face and see which ones resonate for your team and the common denominator behind them.

The Research – Here’s the 8 Factors that came out of our research collaboration with the Industrial Organizational Psychology department at Colorado State University to find out what makes employees feel good about coming to work and how do you measure it.  This research resulted in the diagnostic tool we use in the first step of our Company Culture Audit.

Our Services – Here’s where you’ll find the breadth and depth of culture services we offer to support you and your team in creating an extraordinary workplace culture.