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These elephants plague workplaces and make work way harder than it should be. 

Use this to quickly calculate the cost/benefit of your workplace culture. 

Improve the remote workplace experience with 5 simple approaches to engagement.

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Choose People Solutions

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Avoid mixed messages by working with us for all your needs.

Choose People is a full-service culture solution providing consistent messaging that doesn’t undermine your organization’s existing processes and values. Our experience isn’t in telling you who you are, it’s in uncovering what makes your organization unique and amplifying it to the benefit of every level of your organization.

With Choose People you will have everything you need to create a thriving workplace culture with your current values brought to life!

Whether starting workplace culture from the beginning, looking to transform one, or amplifying what’s already working our 5 Stages of Camp Culture will help you navigate challenges and provide you a community of committed peers to grow with.

With our 8 Critical Factors of workplace happiness, the Culture Works Book and Workbook will guide you every step of the way. With Action Jackson activities that you can use again and again this book will help you craft a workplace of joy for everyone.

Our Training Bundles cover the most unique and yet impactful situations you’ll ever encounter as a leader. Everything from dismissing someone from your organization with dignity, to supporting the team through times of fatigue with grace and cohesion.

Whether Online or In-Person Kris is here to support you and your team with timely, engaging, and actionable workshops that create stronger communication, empowering accountability, interdependency awareness, and other core culture shifts.

The Choose People 360 Culture Audit is our most robust offering. Spanning an entire year your organization will go through our 5-step customized process and receive Kris’ guidance and expertise throughout. If culture is a top priority or your culture needs an overhaul, this is for you.

Kris Boesch, Choose People CEO and dynamic keynote speaker, weaves valuable content, insightful stories, and tangible tools into her speaking engagements so your audience walks away with tools to significantly improve their workplace culture.

Feeling overwhelmed, or just not sure what would benefit your organization the most?

Let us assure you that you don’t need to know. Schedule your free no-risk consultation with Kris and she’ll guide you through options to meet any budget and your desired results.

Culture Tips & Tools

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Our Clients Are Beacons

Whether being recognized with awards or quietly maintaining a proud and dedicated workforce, our clients are achieving results other organizations only dream of.

No matter where you are on your workplace culture journey we can help you take it to the next level. 

The Choose People Difference

We understand the value of learning and training, of workshops and conferences, and culture requires daily intentional actions to close the knowing-doing gap.

While others are content to provide the why and what, with us, you’ll also get the how and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Implementation and follow-through of what we learn matters, and we’ll show you how to create lasting change with our unique and studied core culture pillars of Known, Matter, and Included.

You’ll see quickly why even when mission, vision, and values are defined your culture may not work out quite as expected.

If you’re ready to bridge the knowing-doing gap, then you’re ready for Choose People!


“I view our relationship with Choose People as the best investment in developing our company culture in 10 years. Kris has been indispensable to our organization and I would recommend her services if you are looking for custom improvement programs that require real, positive, consistent, and dependable results.”

Steve Pottenger, CEO, WorkWell Occupational Medicine

“Choose People gave us everything that we needed: the data, the focus, the tools, the plan, the support and the guidance to improve our culture, and ultimately improve our business.”

Craig Dexheimer, Director of Operations & Administration, Salo, Oberon & NumberWorks

“Thank you for a wonderful year filled with many takeaways from your Leadership Development and Management Competency Training workshops. The material you provided was fresh-out of the box thinking with very “useable” tips to easily incorporate into our management style and employee culture. Each workshop had many, many items that I could incorporate personally as well as work with our managers to incorporate on an overall operations basis. Lots and lots of great ideas. It’s difficult to summarize all that I got out of your workshops yet I have learned and continue to work to incorporate many of the concepts into our team.”

Karen Goedert, Resort Manager, One Steamboat Place

“Thank you for your leadership Kris. That was a great retreat and an outcome that far exceeded my expectations.”

Bob Flynn, Co-Owner, Green Ride

“The most important aspect of Kris’s process was the constant support. More than simply diagnosing problems and leaving me to figure out solutions, she guided me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she played an active role in helping me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also left me with strategies to continue the progress that we started together.”

Nelson Greenlee, Operations Manager, Green Ride

“It was extremely valuable to have specific areas we could focus to improve our employee satisfaction therefore, our business. I give Choose People an enthusiastic recommendation. They have been a great partner for us.”

Paulette Hansen, Director of Career Development, Neenan

“We have an unwieldy and opinionated team at times, and there is no one else I have seen work so effectively with our group. Kris was able to garner complete trust and commitment from my team, even the naysayers. Today, because of Kris’ expertise, our team is solidly in alignment with clear expectations and a renewed sense of commitment.”

Tracy Mead, Executive Director, ELTC

“Working with Choose People has been an absolute pleasure. The process is simple, and the data and insight that have been provided are invaluable. Choose People has been a wonderful resource to assist us in creating a more positive business culture, which has strengthened our position in the market.”

Shane Hunsinger, COO, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

“Choose People enabled us to focus our efforts on the areas most important to our employees and our business. With the information, planning and support provided by Choose People, we have the direction we need to confidently make changes that will positively affect our culture.”

Kendra Kelly, Director of HR, RLE Technologies

“No one in the last 20 years of my career has made such an impact on my Leadership ability.”

Chris Pullen, CEO, RLE Technologies

“I attended your seminar and I must convey my deep appreciation to you. Not only did you present an engaging, funny, informative presentation but you gave the audience tangible items they could readily implement in their organizations. I go to a lot of conferences… I sit through a lot of speakers… you knocked my socks off! I am now receiving your Culture Tips and I’m elated. Thanks for doing what you do… for doing it so well… and for inspiring leadership!”

Katherine Shenar President/CEO, Asheville Humane Society

“I can’t tell you how amazing things have been since our managers retreat/conference. We received so many emails from our Team about how they popped their Funkytown ‘bubble’ and how easy it was and freeing. One said, ‘Yesterday I took care of my bubble and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  We hugged and cried and now I can’t wait to meet with my team and spread the love. Please thank Kris for helping us tear down our walls.’ And our CEO also chimed in and said that you were a HUGE reason for our “jumpstart” back to being a more cohesive group.  We are still reaping the rewards!  We appreciate YOU and what you brought to our team, it has truly made a difference.”

Vicky Warner, Bayer Heritage FCU
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