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Improve employee engagement and your organizational culture. Shift not only mindsets, but also hearts. In her engaging culture workshops, Choose People CEO, Kris Boesch, offers actionable tools, valuable content and enlightening stories to help shape your culture.

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Many leaders and managers find culture to be abstract, intangible and elusive. In Culture Works you will learn HOW to create an extraordinary workplace culture. Not with rainbows and unicorns, but with concrete innovative concepts, enlightening stories and tangible tools.

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The Company Culture Audit process transforms the ambiguity and abstractness of “culture change” into a concrete and actionable roadmap. While garnering employee buy-in*, we provide you with the data, expert insight and clear critical next steps for creating meaningful culture change.

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Many leaders and managers don’t know where to start when building organizational culture.

There’s a lack of clarity on how to actually create an empowering work environment – one where both the company and the employees thrive. Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace not only uncovers how to create an extraordinary work culture but equips you with doable, down-to-earth steps that will energize your team and garner real deal results.

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Workplace culture is the context within which your people work. It’s the air they breathe while running your marathon. It’s the emotional health of your workplace.

Kris Boesch, CEO of Choose People

National Speaker & Culture Expert


What is employee engagement really worth? Calculate the value of your current work culture.

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Which of these top 23 culture challenges disrupt your organization…

Check out these 23 common culture challenges that trample morale – we call them the “Elephants in the Room.”  After you’ve had a chance to evaluate which of these resonate for your workplace experience, take these to your team and see what they would point to as your company’s culture challenges.

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How do you change culture? You change culture one strategic step at a time.

The Company Culture Survey and Audit gives you both the data and the roadmap for the best next steps to employ meaningful, profitable culture change. All while garnering employee buy-in.

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