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Is your workplace culture average?

We invite you to consider today’s average workplace experience…

With the first and foremost measurement of workplace health, more than half the people in an average organization are unhappy. Whether it shows outwardly or not.

Once you’ve achieved an environment that your employees can be happy in, the average workplace still has 17% of a happy workforce that is actively disengaged.

The reality is, being part of an average workplace culture is a bleak experience.

The good news is, it takes a lot less effort and resources than you think to be far above average.

Workplace Culture Solutions

Culture Works Book

Our How-To Reference Guide to your culture journey. This self-directed approach provides everything you need to build a great culture from the ground up. Take action chapter by chapter.


Camp Culture

Our Online Academy for those who want an extraordinary workplace culture. Timely support, guidance, tools, and community to accomplish this better, easier, and faster.


Culture Audit

Our Proven 5-Step Year-Long Deep Dive Process to transform your organization’s culture. Includes all-inclusive custom support from, and timely direct access to Kris throughout the entire process.


How We Support You

  • 182 Pages of Culture Goodness
  • Tangible, Down-to-Earth Tools
  • Innovative Insights and Ideas
  • Action Jackson Activities to Implement tools and ideas
  • Integrated Guides to take you step-by-step through the most challenging of culture conundrums
  • Email support for your culture questions

Accompanying workbook available…

How We Support You

  • Monthly Downloadable Core Culture Content Lessons, Tools and Resources
  • Clear Guidance through The Camp Culture Success Journey
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community to connect with a network of like-minded people
  • Spotlights of Leaders Sharing Culture Successes and Snafus
  • Exclusive Access to Kris with Members’ Only Q&As
  • Exclusive 1-on-1 opportunities to speak with Kris about any Culture Question or Challenge

How We Support You

  • A Diagnostic Culture Survey for your entire team
  • Feedback Forums to dig into the quantitative data of the survey
  • Co-creation of a Custom Roadmap of Initiatives to transform your culture
  • Monthly Initiative Implementation Meetings and Accountability
  • Timely Custom Guidance and Support
  • Benchmark Progress
Features Culture Works Book Camp Culture  Culture Audit
Studied and Proven Insights and Tools


Community Access

Scheduled Direct Support

One-On-One Time w/Kris


Culture Diagnostic Survey

Workshop Training Included


Face-to-Face Access Available

* get access to one-on-ones with Kris on a limited basis within Camp Culture
* recorded workshops available at certain stages within Camp Culture

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The Choose People Difference

“I view our relationship with Choose People as the best investment in developing our company culture in 10 years. Kris has been indispensable to our organization and I would recommend her services if you are looking for custom improvement programs that require real, positive, consistent, and dependable results.”

Steve Pottenger, CEO, WorkWell Occupational Medicine

“The most important aspect of Kris’s process was the constant support. More than simply diagnosing problems and leaving me to figure out solutions, she guided me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she played an active role in helping me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also left me with strategies to continue the progress that we started together.”

Nelson Greenlee, Operations Manager, Green Ride

“It was extremely valuable to have specific areas we could focus to improve our employee satisfaction therefore, our business. I give Choose People an enthusiastic recommendation. They have been a great partner for us.”

Paulette Hansen, Director of Career Development, Neenan

“We have an unwieldy and opinionated team at times, and there is no one else I have seen work so effectively with our group. Kris was able to garner complete trust and commitment from my team, even the naysayers. Today, because of Kris’ expertise, our team is solidly in alignment with clear expectations and a renewed sense of commitment.”

Tracy Mead, Executive Director, ELTC

“Working with Choose People has been an absolute pleasure. The process is simple, and the data and insight that have been provided are invaluable. Choose People has been a wonderful resource to assist us in creating a more positive business culture, which has strengthened our position in the market.”

Shane Hunsinger, COO, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

“Choose People enabled us to focus our efforts on the areas most important to our employees and our business. With the information, planning and support provided by Choose People, we have the direction we need to confidently make changes that will positively affect our culture.”

Kendra Kelly, Director of HR, RLE Technologies

“The teach, practice, apply and integrate approach Kris uses is a perfect fit for my team.  My team has gained new insights into who they are as leaders as well as deepening and developing their competencies in leadership and management.  The content is incredibly relevant.  Well worth the investment.”

Stephanie Torrez , Assistant Vice President of Student Success, University of Northern Colorado

“Choose People gave us everything that we needed:  the data, the focus, the tools, the plan, the support and the guidance to improve our culture, and ultimately improve our business.”

Craig Dexheimer, Senior Director of Operations, Global Tax Network

“Kris’s positive energy, commitment and rich, actionable content never fails. Her guidance has led to amazing results in our culture and has become an invaluable touchstone for our team.”

Susan Grutzmacher, Division Director, Boulder County Housing and Human Services

Why Culture Makes the Difference

Happy as a Measurement

If you’re skeptical, trust us, you’re not the first to push back on the words “happy” and “feel good” and that’s okay. But, whether you embrace it or not, you want happy employees at work.  They make everything better.  And, we have the research to prove it.

And no, we’re not talking about rainbows and unicorns.  We’re talking about employees who come to work inspired. They’re joyous knowing they’re right where they’re supposed to be.  They belong.  They matter.  And it feels good.  It’s the same feeling you get when you relax around a campfire, score a goal, or give a friend a high-five.

Happy? Or Engaged?

So stop for a moment. Think about you. Are you better when you’re happier?  If you’re a parent, do you hope your children grow up happy? Or simply “engaged” or “satisfied”?

And while your employees are not your children, we want them to live a life they love, and that includes while they work. We know what it FEELS like to be happy – there’s a lightness in our step, a sparkle in our eye and joy in our interactions.  Engagement and satisfaction don’t have this effect.  We also know what happiness LOOKS like and what it doesn’t look like.  We can tell when smiles are real, or flat and faked.

Why A Thriving Team Makes the Difference

At Choose People, we measure what matters – and a thriving team makes that difference. In fact, we literally measure, “Do your people feel good about coming to work?”  We’re looking at the emotional health of your organization.  Once when we asked this question, one woman paused, sighed, and told us, “In my last job, there would be days when I would be driving to work, where I would rather get in an accident than arrive at work.” And that’s just not okay.

Of course, that’s not the only question we measure. We have many more. And we have hours of research and loads of data that prove happiness matters.

No, we don’t believe you can make someone happy. And you’re not responsible for making your team happy.  However, you are responsible for creating an empowering context within which they can be happy.  That context is your culture – it’s literally the air your team breathes while running your marathon.