The ROI of Happy Employees

When you walk into a company where smiles are real, laughter is genuine and you can simply feel vibrant energy in the room, it can seem like magic. And it is. Yet it's magic that has a roadmap.

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A Company Culture Audit gives your business tangible tools to employ meaningful, profitable change.

You'll get both the data and the roadmap for the best next steps. All while garnering employee buy-in.

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How happy is your team and what does it mean for business?

Blue Circles

Why Workplace Intimacy Is Like Doing The Wave

"What is the glue that holds a good team together - or the poison that can kill the golden goose? In this insightful, funny talk, workplace culture expert Kris Boesch gives us a first-person look at the opportunities and pitfalls of building real emotional intimacy in the workplace."

- TEDxMileHigh

Choose People gave us everything we needed: the data, the focus, the tools, the plan, the support and the guidance to improve our culture, and ultimately improve our business.

- Craig Dexheimer

Culture Workshops & Training

Choose People CEO Kris Boesch weaves valuable content, enlightening stories and tangible tools to improve organizational culture. Kris, who approaches workplace culture as the most paramount asset to a company's financial success, provides participants with specific concrete no-cost ways to create a thriving company culture.

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Culture Tip


How to Launch a Successful Culture Council

How to Launch a Successful Culture Council Many organizations have the best of intentions when they put together a culture comm...

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Character & Competency Leadership Development

Not everyone wants to be a leader - and thank goodness. Offer this opportunity to those who truly want it.

4 Qualifying Criteria

Management Competency Training

Give your best team players the actionable, how-to tools they need to become great team captains.

The 12 Tools

Improve and Transform Your Company Culture

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