Founded on Research and Real-World Experience

For over 10 years, Choose People has supported organizations from a wide range of industries across the nation.

We’ve helped organizations craft unique workplace experiences that foster pride and productivity.

We are uniquely founded on over 1000 hours of research done in collaboration with the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State Univerity. A department that conducts cutting-edge research to solve global behavioral and brain health challenges.

Meet Kris Boesch – CEO and Founder of Choose People

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Kris’ journey into workplace culture started when she became the CEO of Exodus Moving & Storage.

Where many saw just another moving company Kris recognized quickly that if her employees felt good about coming to work, they would take better care of customers. In turn, this meant the financial health of the company would prosper.

The catch was the deck was stacked against her.  The company was struggling to cover payroll.  Turnover was high and culture toxicity even higher.  And on top of all of that she didn’t have industry experience nor earned respect to demand behavioral changes. In short, the common approach of a boss-centric leadership style wasn’t going to cut it. She knew she was going to have to earn every inch of authority and return every penny of respect she gained to breakthrough.

So, she went to work to find another way, a way that put the focus on the only real leverage she had – her team.

She discovered that when people feel good about coming to work, they show up not only as better workers but as better people for everyone in their lives.  Step-by-step she cultivated ways to create a culture where her team did feel good about coming to work.

Under her leadership Exodus became the largest mover in Northern Colorado with a turnover rate of 40% less than the industry average and a bottom line twice that same average.

But most notable of all – the workplace experience of her team went from being one of misery to one of joy.

From there, the vision of Choose People came into existence – and Kris’ life’s work truly began.

Meet Kenlyn Klamper – President

Kenlyn was once described as “alarmingly enthusiastic” about culture, which she chooses to take as a compliment.

Kenlyn Klamper is an award-winning culture consultant and former HR VP with decades of experience helping organizations ranging from tech start-ups to Fortune 500s and the United States government.

She holds a number of degrees (including a Master of Science in HR Analytics and Measurement) and certifications (including international accreditation as a SHRM-SCP and the Science of Happiness at Work certification from UC Berkeley). Her awards include Great Place to Work® certifications for hundreds of employees, as well as the Dublin Women in Tech Leader of the Year award.

Our Core Culture Pillars


Being known means you feel like your team knows you and cares about you - above and beyond who you are as a worker.


Matter means you know your contribution matters - when you go above and beyond it matters, and when you slack it also matters.


Included means you feel a sense of inclusion and belonging. You take pride in being part of the team.

With these core culture pillars at the forefront, you'll be amazed at the transformation they will have on processes already in place and any new initiatives you implement.

This is truly the secret sauce that's been missing!

A Comprehensive Solution

Whatever your culture challenge, whatever your budget, and whatever your preferred service we have a solution for you.

We invite you to explore our extensive and growing selection of service options that can support every person in your organization from the new hire to the CEO.