How to Communicate in Funkytown – What to Say & How to Say It

Kris’s down-to-earth, no fuss approach to communicating concerns and frustrations resonates with those who relate to that pit of the stomach feeling when things go sideways. Many of us are accustomed – especially in the workplace – to avoid conflict at all costs. Some simply feel like it’s not worth the risk. Others just aren’t sure how and others don’t want to appear “negative.” In this highly interactive and humorous presentation, Kris will empower participants to speak on purpose as well as provide clear insightful steps to move tough conversations forward.

Key takeaways include:

  • Framework to Painlessly Tackle the Toughest of Conversations
  • Learn Communication that Creates Accountability
  • How to Communicate in a Way that’s Kind, Candid & Constructive
  • Self-Awareness of Your Conflict Style and that of Your Peers

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