Measure Employee Happiness & Create a Custom Action Plan

The Company Culture Audit process transforms the ambiguity and abstractness of “culture change” into a concrete and actionable roadmap.

While garnering employee buy-in*, we provide you with the data, expert insight and clear critical next steps for creating meaningful culture change in your organization. While the Company Culture Audit process is similar for each organization, the roadmap initiatives reflect each organization’s unique opportunities.

*We average an extraordinary 94% survey participation rate.

Culture Audit 5 Step Process

1st Phase: Research-Based Diagnostic

Measures the Happiness of Your Employees
In our research-based diagnostic, we accurately answer the question, “Do your employees feel good about coming to work?” Our 10-minute employee survey measures the 8 Critical Factors validated in over 1000 hours of research with the Industrial Organizational Psychology department at CSU. In this first phase, we also measure and compare the workplace experience of different employee groups – discovering the distinctions between managers, positions, departments, and “old school” vs. “new school.” In keeping with transparency and employee participation in the process, the high-level results of the survey are shared with employees.

2nd Phase: Customized Feedback Forums

Roots out the Heart of the Results & Invites Ideas for Progress
In the Feedback Forums we uncover juicy insights behind the survey results as well as collect innovative suggestions for solutions from your team. Through expert facilitation by Choose People (includes reading and bringing to the surface what’s not being said and creating a safe space to say it) we garner candid, meaningful feedback from your team.

3rd Phase: Co-Creation of Roadmap & Timeline

Selects Top 3 Cultural Initiatives & Clarifies Plan of Action
Taking into consideration the survey results, the insights and suggestions from the Feedback Forums and Choose People’s expertise, Choose People presents the leadership team suggested initiatives to create meaningful cultural change.   Through thoughtful deliberation, initiatives will be narrowed down to the top 3 that create the most meaningful cultural change and are doable from a time/energy standpoint. The roadmap and timeline are shared with employees along with clarification around their role and participation in its success.

4th Phase: Implementation

Rubber meets the Road
This is when your organization executes on the roadmap and the timeline using Choose People provided guidance, tools, recommendations and resources.

5th Phase: Support & Accountability

Handholding & Follow Through
We establish forward progress through monthly check-in meetings with your appointed “culture” team. In these meetings we tackle unexpected obstacles, follow through on action items, and nail down next steps. Sometimes these steps looks like system tweaks (or overhauls) and sometimes they look like relationship repair (or cultural integrity repair.) We are also “on call” for cultural crises that simply can’t wait a month.

Company Culture Audit Typical Timeline

Phase 1-3: 6 weeks – concluding with finalized roadmap & timeline
Phase 4-5: 10.5 months to implement meaningful culture change


“Choose People gave us everything that we needed: the data, the focus, the tools, the plan, the support and the guidance to improve our culture, and ultimately improve our business.”

Craig Dexheimer, Director of Operations & Administration at Salo, Oberon & NumberWorks

“I view our relationship with Choose People as the best investment in developing our company culture in 10 years. Kris has been indispensable to our organization and I would recommend her services if you are looking for custom improvement programs that require real, positive, consistent, and dependable results.”

Steve Pottenger, CEO at WorkWell Occupational Medicine