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Measure Employee Happiness

We scientifically measure and answer the question “Do your employees feel good about coming to work?”

The Science
Why Happy?

23 Elephants in the Room

Choose your top 3 culture challenges, and discover which category they fall into.

Take the 23 Elephants Assessment

1-10 Litmus Test

On a scale of 1-10 how happy do you think your employees are? Write your number down.

Find out what your number (likely) means.

Improve Your Score


How do you change culture? You change culture one strategic step at a time.

The Company Culture Survey and Audit gives you both the data and the roadmap for the best next steps to employ meaningful, profitable culture change. All while garnering employee buy-in.

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Certification & Certified Companies

To become a “Choose People Certified Company” an organization has to score 40 or higher on our Company Culture Audit which places them in the top 20% of organizations in the country for workplace culture.

Companies that show the seal of a “Happy Company in the Making” are committed to having an extraordinary workplace culture and are actively working towards becoming certified.

Get Certified
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