Mixed Messages

No wonder leadership is harder than it’s ever been.

In the past there was a clear chain of command.  Top down directives were the norm.  A leader was often at the front of the pack leading the charge.

These days you hear about values driven, flat organizations.  Business strategies now include transparency, trust and collaboration.

And as a result, leaders are told to be both:

  • Decisive and Collaborative
  • Confident and Humble
  • Strong and Empathetic
  • Analytical and Intuitive
  • Quick to Act and Thoughtful
  • Firm and Flexible

So which is it?  Which is better – the wisdom of the past or the progressive present?

The difficulty, and complexity, of leadership these days comes from being able to be both, and knowing when to be which.  So much of leadership has to do with the ability to read a situation and know what’s needed at the time.

Nelson Mandela once said, “you must lead people from behind and put others in front when times are good, but lead from the front when times are bad.”

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