Culture Tips

Your Five Tips to Better Team Reflection

Your team is a reflection of you. Taking on this statement, you may feel pride, or you may feel horror. To avoid grotesque reflections of distorted fun house mirrors, take on these five tips: Know Read more >

A Simple Exercise to Increase Retention and Camaraderie

All of my culture work and guidance falls under three pillars: having your team feel that they are known, they matter and they are included. The exercise I’m going to share with you supports the Read more >

“Treat Us Like Adults, Not Children”

If this is a common refrain in your organization, consider its roots – why would your team suggest they’re treated like children? Micromanagement Lack of transparency Lack of trust on how they get their work Read more >

4 Backbones to Leading in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is scary.  The unknown is scary.  While there’s always uncertainty and the future is always unknown, a team I worked with recently has some pretty big anticipated hurdles coming up in about a year.  Read more >

Be Attached, Be Disappointed

We’re told not to be emotionally attached to the outcome. I couldn’t disagree more. I want you and your team to care about results.  The easy emotion is feeling the rush of excitement when you Read more >

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