Refreshing Truth Serum

I was taken aback when a CEO I work with said, “If we’re really honest, the truth is, we’re not going to follow through.  That’s really the truth here.  And to say we’re going to pick the ball back up and run with it would be to delay the truth and create false hope.”

End “I don’t have enough time.”

Many organizations struggle with deadlines, follow through, accountability and overwhelm.  And often I’ve found at the heart of these challenges a common shared language…

Our #1 Culture Tip for This Week…

Our number one Culture Tip recommendation this week is to sign up your people for our Character & Competency Leadership Development and/or Management Training programs.

Assess Your Leadership Acumen and/or the Leadership Acumen of Your Team

What is it that makes an excellent leader or manager?… Skills?… Likeability?… Experience?  (more…)

Booyah!! How to Open a Conversation

Please give a big round of applause for Booyah advertising who is now a Choose People Certified Company!!

Initially, when you work with Booyah you get the sense you’re hanging with the “cool” kids.  Their client list will impress, there’s a humble swagger in the air and their office is housed in the “hip and happenin” Industry building in the heart of Denver, Colorado.  But Booyah is more than just a pretty face.  In addition to playful witty humor, you’ll find a team with a lot of heart, working really hard.  This team is extraordinarily dedicated – to both their clients and to one another. (more…)