Culture Tips

One Easy Way To Improve Your Work Culture Today

What can you do today to improve your organization’s workplace culture? Simple, be interested.  Get to know your co-workers, your colleagues, your office-mates, your team-members. Those same team members whose livelihood is supported by the Read more >

Apathy or Commitment? You get what you listen for…

What do you pull for in your listening? Consider – how do you hear your team?  Through what filters do you listen to them? Are they a necessary evil? An interruption?  Your best asset?  A Read more >

I was told “don’t share this with anyone.”

If you’re in a position of authority and you tell one of your team members, “don’t share this with anyone,” thin ice magically appears below your feet as well as theirs. You have just created Read more >

8 Emotions to Leverage in Your Training

If you’re looking for a no-cost way to make your training more effective, check out this article I recently wrote for Training Industry on the 8 Emotions to Leverage in Your Training. Happy reading!

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