Culture Tips

Polarizing Politics and Shared Humanity

Disheartened. That’s how I was feeling a few weeks ago when I heard two friends dig in their heels and GO AT IT. There was no love, no generosity, just pure righteousness, frustration and commitment.  Read more >

One Simple Way to Make Employee Recognition Easier

Do you have a team member who sulks or gets frustrated that no one is acknowledging their efforts or that no one appreciates the work they do? The current paradigm suggests the manager should recognize Read more >

When Your Feelings Don’t Matter

A friend of mine who is the father of a 3 year-old told me that the other night his son asked him to give him a piggyback ride up the stairs for bath time.  It Read more >

One Easy Way To Improve Your Work Culture Today

What can you do today to improve your organization’s workplace culture? Simple, be interested.  Get to know your co-workers, your colleagues, your office-mates, your team-members. Those same team members whose livelihood is supported by the Read more >

Apathy or Commitment? You get what you listen for…

What do you pull for in your listening? Consider – how do you hear your team?  Through what filters do you listen to them? Are they a necessary evil? An interruption?  Your best asset?  A Read more >

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