Goals or KPIs? Why Your Culture Needs Both.

I’ve seen many organizations make the cultural mistake of either collapsing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), or focusing on just one.

 You need both.  If you just have goals, you’re missing daily motivating momentum and focus.  If you have only key performance indicators, you’re missing inspiring strategic progress. (more…)

Would Your People Vote for You?

“Would you vote for me to serve with you another year?”

This is the question Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of Zenbanx, asks his employees every year.  This question follows a servant leadership mindset and shows an impressive level of humility, vulnerability, courage and strength. (more…)

Tribe Trifecta – Organization, Team, Individual

Workplace culture issues stem from the dissonance between what’s best for the individual, what’s best for the team and what’s best for the organization.  On the flipside, alignment of these three leads to an extraordinary – happy and productive – workplace.   The key: loyalty and commitment to what’s best for the organization must trump team and individual agendas.  Teams need to yield to the organization while individuals need to accommodate and sacrifice for the team. (more…)

Know Your Conflict Style and That of Your Team

In general, we all have a “go to” conflict style when we’re not our best selves.  When we are our best selves we’re grounded, committed to a resolution, and we don’t take things personally.  (more…)

How to Support Someone Who Wants to Leave Your Organization

Traditionally if someone wants to leave your company, s/he doesn’t tell you.  They look for a job, secure one, and then provide two weeks notice.  Leaving you to scramble to find their replacement, and if you’re really lucky, leverage some of their time left training the new person.  Transition becomes a fire drill.  And can often lead to hard feelings.