How to Create a Culture Conducive to Change

Put an end to exasperated eye rolls.  In this presentation, Kris Boesch supports you in creating a culture conducive to change.  Most people fear change.  They cling to what they know.  Yet here you are, the leader, in charge of processing regulatory revisions, implementing new initiatives, and taking your company to the next level.  You look around and see heels dug in, arms crossed and heads shaking no.  In this presentation participants will gain actionable insight to shift their team’s mindset from rigid to willing.   Your team will seek to expand their comfort zone, commit to continuous improvement and pride themselves on being “green and growing, not ripe and rotten.”

Key takeaways include:

  • Framework to Transform Your Team’s Obstinate Fear
  • The 3 Critical Change Adoption Strategies
  • 7 Savvy Ways to Encourage Your Team to Embrace Change

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