Resignation is No Joke

If you’ve had a significant portion of your workforce quit, you know what we are talking about.

If you haven’t, believe us when we tell you – it is not something you want to experience. People are leaving toxic workplaces that don’t demonstrate regularly that they value their people. The right leadership training is the fastest way to make the biggest difference in halting resignations.

Once a reputation like this takes hold, it can be years before any organization is able to come back from it. This causes organizations to lose out on top talent, and it more often than not comes with an added requirement of losing the leadership that allowed the toxic environment to exist.

There is never a reason to let your workplace get to this point, but even if it does – we can help.

Leadership for the Future

All around the nation workplaces are demanding leadership training that focuses on creating an equitable experience.

Workplace disruption might have started with the pandemic, but it’s not the reason that everyone is demanding workplaces focus on culture. Those entering the workforce now and in the future will have expectations that align with their values. Those values are now that the workplace culture is supportive, balanced, and inclusive. Past methods of leadership training are already obsolete and if pressed with these old mindsets this new workforce will leave without hesitation. This is true regardless of perks and regardless of pay. What you’ll get with our program is the capacity and evolving capability to create your team members’ experience that they are Known, they Matter and they are Included.

Known meaning that you care about me as a person above and beyond who I am as a worker. Matter meaning my work matters, when I go above and beyond it matters, and when I slack it also matters. Included meaning creating a sense of belonging as well as shared identity and pride and interdependency awareness.

These three pillars are core to creating the thriving workplace culture our new work world demands.

We’re Proud to Support Amazing Organizations Across the Nation

Training Designed to Stick

A Dedicated
10-Month Program

For those serious about proving
to their people that they are
valued and appreciated.

Monthly Sessions with
Expert Facilitation

Guidance and methods
provided in detail with practical
application inside each session.

On-Site or Virtual

Monthly session flexibility,
including the capacity for
hybrid sessions.

Hi, I’m Kris Boesch

Choose People CEO and dedicated workplace expert. I weave valuable content, insightful stories, and tangible tools into my training so your team walks away with a true capacity to significantly improve their workplace culture. I approach organizational culture as the most paramount asset to an organization’s financial success, provide your team with specific, concrete no-cost ways to develop and sustain a thriving organizational culture.

Choose People is a consultancy that has a long record of transforming organizational cultures, increasing employee happiness, and boosting the bottom line. The Choose People approach is based on over 1000 hours of research that we collaborated with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University to conduct.

I am also the acclaimed author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace.

It’s wonderful to meet you!

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Leadership Training Results

“I have found your program very helpful. I have learned a lot about my personal leadership style and how I can impact others. I especially appreciate the workshops, and I think the format is great. I would definitely recommend this program.”

Rod Schafer, Delivery Market Manager, Room & Board

“The material you provided was fresh out-of-the-box thinking with very “useable” tips to easily incorporate into our management style and employee culture. Each workshop had many, many items that I could incorporate personally as well as work with our managers to incorporate on an overall operations basis.”

Karen Goedert, Resort Manager, One Steamboat Place

“This program has been an important source of professional development for our organization. My staff has gained new insights into who they are as leaders as well as deepening and developing their competencies in leadership and management. The content of the trainings is incredibly relevant and the teach, practice, apply and integrate approach Kris uses is a perfect fit for my team. Well worth the investment.”

Stephanie Torrez, Assistant Dean, University of Northern Colorado

“At CU Denver I believe there is no better investment than in the development of our people. So, when I discovered Choose People and their dynamic curriculum it was an investment I knew we had to make for a mixture of 39 emerging and established leaders. If you are seeking grounded, effective and sensible tools in both management and leadership, look no further than Kris Boesch and Choose People.

My only regret is that I didn’t discover Choose People years ago!”

Chris Dowen, Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado Denver