Available to purchase here or on Amazon.  Usually purchased as part of a set with the Culture Works book.

Apply and continue improving your workplace culture. Culture Works is intentionally a how-to manual, meaning we hope you apply what you learn!

We created the Culture Works Workbook to support your efforts to integrate the concrete concepts and tangible tools from the book and implement shifts to create real-deal progress. You’ve GOT this! This workbook will also help you keep the momentum rolling and the inspiration rockin.’

The Culture Works Workbook gives you breathing room to think, commit, try on and reflect. It takes all of the tangible tools, Action Jacksons and questions and puts them in one place – with space to write.  Why the write space? We process when we write. We commit and take action when we put pen to paper. We also retain and remember more successfully when we write.

The Workbook also includes deep dive discussion guides, sticky mini-mantras to remember key concepts, and obstacle obliterators.

Take action. Make progress. Feel great. Repeat.

Even consider using this workbook as a guide and touchstone for your leaders and managers to gather together once a month to discuss how you can better lead your teams and improve your workplace culture. Work through one chapter a month, try on one key concept and then come back to your colleagues to share what worked and what didn’t.

I’m a stand for your success. I want you to have an extraordinary workplace culture, I want your team to feel good about coming to work, and I want your cultural foundation of happiness to not only put smiles on faces, but also bring joy to your bottom line. I know that together with your commitment and follow-through, this workbook will help you create significant shifts in improving your workplace culture.

Comes in soft cover only.