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Culture Works Program: Improve Your Workplace Culture
Promote Positivity in the Workplace

Upgrade your company culture from meh to heck yeah! in less than a year

A workplace culture strategy that works

The Culture Works Program is an integrated, tactical program designed to systematically improve workplace culture and reap the rewards of happy employees. You’ll get the best of online learning combined with hands-on activities to support your leaders, managers and staff as they build a better culture together.

Equip your leaders and managers with a proven, cost-effective culture improvement program

Your leadership teams will have all the tools they need to create and sustain an extraordinary work culture. Employees are empowered. Teamwork thrives. Productivity soars.

Your company, customers and bottom line win.

Improve My Culture

The Culture Works Program transforms

Sound fluffy?

Think again. The Culture Works Program is backed by stacks of research and years of experience working with organizations to create emotionally healthy, productive company cultures. Happy employees deliver remarkable results in every industry — construction, engineering, government, retail, healthcare, education and beyond.

We’re not talking about one-off employee rewards or rah-rah gimmicks. Those band-aid solutions don’t work. The Culture Works Program is an in-depth workplace culture training program that creates lasting, meaningful change.

“We were able to align around the activities that would serve us best, assign action and hold one another accountable. The Culture Works Program was one of the most fulfilling leadership programs we’ve ever done.”

Troy Lerner, CEO of Booyah Advertising

The Program works. Here’s how.

The Culture Works Program includes ALL of the following:
Culture Works Book and Workbook

Concrete innovative concepts, actionable mindset shifts, step-by-step activities and tangible tools to implement in your workplace right away.

Online Guide & Resources

A framework to guide your team from kickoff to completion — with accountability every step of the way. You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to highlight videos, additional concepts, tools and activities to complement each chapter.

Management Team Building & Development

An internal-led learning program designed to give your leadership team the tools and knowledge they need for ongoing, meaningful dialogue that creates team cohesion, shared language and long-lasting, real-deal culture change.

Expert Support

You’ll have eight months of access to timely guidance from world-renowned culture expert Kris Boesch when you run into culture challenges or opportunities along the way.

Boost My Culture

ROI of Happy Employees

Improve your culture, improve your bottom line
If Unhappy
in lost productivity, contagious negativity & turnover
If Happy
Added Value
in added productivity, contagious joy, buy-in & retention
Transform ONE Employee from Unhappy to Happy
Annual Bottom-Line Impact
Boosting your organization’s culture can directly increase your bottom line. The research is compelling and clear. And the numbers above are conservative — the cost of turnover and recruiting new talent can be as much as 4 times an employee’s salary.


Creating an extraordinary workplace culture shouldn’t cost a million dollars

The Culture Works Program, by design, is accessible and affordable for large and small organizations alike. Because everyone deserves to be happy where they work.

The Culture Works Program for Leaders and Managers
Leadership Team of 8$4,995
Leadership Teams of 9-19$625 per person
Leadership Teams of 20+Contact us for special pricing
Purchase the Program
Here’s the math

Purchase the Culture Works Program:
$795 per manager

Transform ONE team member from unhappy to happy:
$60,000 added annual value

This is a no-brainer.

About the Author & Culture Works Program Architect

Kris Boesch is the CEO and founder of Choose People and knows how to create a happy workplace.  Using a variety of tools and personal experiences and interactions, Kris helps transform company cultures, increases employee happiness and boosts the bottom line.

Over the past decade she has researched and tested – in a variety of workplaces – innovative concepts and tangible tools to create empowering contexts in which teams thrive. She wrote the Culture Works Book and Workbook and evolved these incredible resources into the Culture Works Program to help any company, who wants to level up their company culture and increase employee happiness.

Boesch collaborated with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University to conduct more than 1,000 hours of research that both the book and program are based on.

Prior to Choose People, Boesch was the CEO of Exodus Moving & Storage. Under her leadership, Exodus became the largest mover in Northern Colorado, with a turnover rate nearly 40 percent less than the industry average and a bottom line twice that same average.  Boesch has been featured as a workplace culture expert in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes and was recently named one of the “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” in Inc.  Kris is also a proud mother, dancing diva and dog lover.

It’s time to go from meh to hell yeah!
I’m ready to empower, not enable, my employees to make an impact.
Bring on real teamwork.
We’re going to thrive by recruiting and retaining top talent.
I’m ready to move my team from apathy to ownership.
So long drama and gossip.
Boosted morale and productivity, here we come.
What are you waiting for?
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