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Don’t lose the magic.

And here’s how…

Capture the recipe to your secret sauce.

Gather your team together.  Ask them what it is they love about working at your organization.  In essence, what are all the ingredients that have created your extraordinary workplace culture?  Capture all of it – the tangible, the intangible, the main ingredients as well as the half teaspoon of spice that makes a surprising difference.

Now visibly post it, for two reasons:

  • It’s a reminder to you and your team not to take your culture for granted. It also keeps top of mind all of the intentional efforts and investments that go into creating that magic.
  • If your culture ever starts to feel less delightful, sideways or even wonky – go look at your recipe. Is there an ingredient that’s missing, needs some attention or should be upgraded?

Workplace culture magic doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it materialize out of thin air.

Workplace culture magic is made, thoughtfully crafted by you and your team.


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