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(And Instead go for “Theme for the Year”)

“Flavor of the Month” initiatives drive employees crazy.  “What did they come up with now?  Yippee (dripping with sarcasm), can’t wait.”  The frustration mounts as each month brings a new “campaign” that comes in with too much sticky sweet excitement and dissipates like cotton candy.  There’s no real substance.  Nothing you can truly get behind.

You may have a “Flavor of the Month” when any of the below resonate:

  1. Kneejerk decisions, not thoughtful, think pulled it out of their armpit
  2. Inconsistent, random, disconnect
  3. Contradictory, constant changing of priorities
  4. Here today, gone tomorrow
  5. Nobody’s held accountable
  6. Silver bullet, quick fix, band-aid
  7. Employees roll their eyes
  8. Leadership is frustrated with lack of buy-in, employee support

Instead consider instead going with a “Theme for the Year” that everyone can rally around that allows for many different points of inclusion and action.

Features of “Theme for the Year”:

  • Clear strategic plan with clear goals and clear priorities
  • Everyone can come up with ideas on how to plug in
  • Makes sense – has been well communicated
  • Alignment and accountability
  • Fun, inspiring and energizing
  • Address issues, not just symptoms
  • Initiatives that show up throughout the year support the annual theme
  • Innovation, collaboration and creativity

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