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Two Things You Can Do As A Leader Right Now

We’ve been knocked down, the ten count is almost done and it’s time to rise.

With Coronavirus, we’ve been face down on the mat for 3 long months wondering, waiting, hoping, and trying to figure out what this pandemic means for our future.

Arising in this uncertainty, is a historic social movement that is a stand against inhumanity and a pursuit of a new narrative committed to creating real-deal opportunity and dignity for everyone.

I imagine many of you are working hard to lead your teams and grappling with how to deal with the strain and stress of our social upheaval in a way that works to support your team, care for your community, and still get work done.

And be ready – there are more rounds, more months, to come.  We don’t know what’s happening with our schools come fall.  We don’t know how the economy will pan out in the long-term.  We don’t know what reform and conversations will actually, and finally, make THE difference in bringing us together under the umbrella of our shared humanity.

Regardless, I know two things – one, we’re all interdependent.  What impacts one of us, impacts all of us.  And two, we each get to choose what we do today.   We get to choose if we’re going to get up, show up and be in each other’s corner.

In our work here at Choose People in supporting leaders and managers of teams, we invite you to work towards a world in which each one of us has the experience of being known, matter and included.

So from there, what can you do to support your team?

First and foremost, listen.  Meet with each of your team members one-on-one and simply ask, “What’s this been like for you?”  Then listen.  Let them say everything that’s there for them to say.  Listen like there’s no one else in the world, and nowhere else you’d rather be.  No need to respond.  No need to fix.  No need to add your two cents.

Witness their experience.  Let them know you’ve heard them.

Second, as the leader of your team share the way forward with this in mind:

  • This has been one hell of a time, I recognize that and I’m here for you.
  • As far as Coronavirus, we can find a way forward.  And who I know us to be as a team is one that doesn’t bow to circumstances.
  • Thank you to all of you for sharing with me what it’s been like for you this past week.  I get it’s not easy and who I know us to be as a team is one that stands for the opportunity of all people to thrive.
  • I acknowledge all of you for your resilience, your perseverance and your commitment through these heavy times.
  • I know how much you care and how hard you’ve been trying to do what’s best for this organization, your families and our communities.
  • Now’s the time to get to work and recommit to one another’s success and show up for those we serve.

Your contribution matters.  Our team’s contribution matters.  Those we serve are counting on us.  And it’s going to take all of us getting up and showing up to raise up our community.

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