Imagine if that was the place we started from.

The place where a new relationship between an employee and a manager began.

I trust you.

Innocent until proven guilty.  Trustable until proven not-trustworthy.

As no surprise, often if I trust you, you trust me.  We find each other worthy from the get go.

SO much more can be accomplished, because we’re not wading through all of the innuendos that come with distrust.

SO much easier to work together, share ideas, collaborate, be creative, invent, problem solve, evaluate mistakes and find solutions.

Because we’re not afraid.

We’re not afraid that the other is looking to undermine us, not afraid that our actions are under a microscope, not afraid that the other is looking to throw us under a bus.

Be not afraid, and give wholeheartedly your trust to those you work with from the get go.