When in doubt of how many, lean on three.  Why?  Simple–three is doable, memorable and meaningful.  More than three and overwhelm and numbing follow.  Three is thoughtful.  You have to evaluate and select what’s most important to communicate or take action on.   Less than three and you underestimate potential and capacity.

  • Declare three strategic priorities.
  • Write down three goals for the month.
  • Post-it-note your three strategic bite-size steps for the day.
  • Name three concerns and three resulting opportunities and possible solutions.
  • Celebrate three wins for the month!
  • Provide three pieces of constructive feedback (never more in a single sitting.)
  • Appreciate three team members this week.
  • Reach out and get to know three of your co-workers better.
  • Choose three simple culture “spark” activities for this month.

For effective communication and focus that leads to heightened productivity, keep it to three.

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