Improve Employee Engagement

The process to Improve Employee Engagement is one of setting clear goals, defining actionable steps, and providing visible results in a way that is active, voluntary, and requires reasonable effort on the part of a team.

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  • Worthwhile Meetings: Part III – The Day Of & the Week After

    Now that meeting participants' commitments are clear and you have prepared properly - here are the final steps to make a meeting worthwhile. The Day Of: Start on time. Review meeting commitments.  Designate a facilitator (and someone to create a decision summary – see #6).  If you anticipate the meeting going longer than 30 minutes and including mo Read more >

  • Extinguish Exhaustion from Eggshells

    I find that in my workplace culture work, there’s a tremendous amount of time and energy spent hoping and trying not to hurt someone’s feelings or upset someone.  Likely, a particular someone. Perhaps you feel this way. If you do, may I suggest… You can’t walk on eggshells – really, try it.  Crunch, crunch, and because you can’t help yourself to tr Read more >

  • Five Employee Motivation Ideas

    It’s the holidays. For some places in the country, it’s cold, it’s dark and the temptation is just to curl up by a fire. Settle in.  Go into our caves and hibernate. And here you are, charged with coming up with employee motivation ideas that will have your team sprint to the finish-line of 2019. Don’t despair. Here’s 5 employee motivation ide Read more >

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