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Cut the red ribbon!  Break out the champagne!  Put on your party hats!

And give a big round of applause to The Neenan Company for being our first Choose People Certified Company!

Hear all about Paulette Hansen’s personal experience as the Director of Career Development at Neenan:

“‘Whoever said a small group of concerned, committed people could not change the world?  In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  This quote by Margaret Mead was on the conference room wall on my first day at The Neenan Company.  That belief landed solidly with me.  Could I have really joined a company that had character, determination, and commitment to something larger than making money?

Three months later I found myself at a weekend seminar led by David Neenan, surrounded by people who believed in making the world a better place, one person at a time.  As the seminar evolved, I became a believer in authenticity and standing up for responsibility.  I was ecstatic at having become part of this larger community.

Twelve years later, I remain eternally grateful for the many experiences I have had through my partnership with The Neenan Company.  Contributing to the success of a company whose people care about not only each other, but also their client’s success, is vital for my long term satisfaction.  At The Neenan Company, we don’t just design and build buildings; we create spaces that enable others to realize their potential.  It’s not just words in a brochure for me, that is who we are.”

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