It’s the holidays. For some places in the country, it’s cold, it’s dark and the temptation is just to curl up by a fire. Settle in.  Go into our caves and hibernate.

And here you are, charged with coming up with employee motivation ideas that will have your team sprint to the finish-line of 2019. Don’t despair.

Here’s 5 employee motivation ideas to light-up your team:

  1. Get clear on what would make a meaningful difference to accomplish by the 31st. Then share with your team the powerful ripple effect impact of accomplishing this. Why does accomplishing Y by the 31st make a difference?  Paint the picture of the impact on your mission, the team and your clients as well as what it makes possible for 2020.
  2. Share an inspirational story of a time where it made a difference not to give up in the final countdown. Describe the self-actualizing sparkly experience of completing what you were committed to accomplishing as a team – rather than falling short by a few feet.  Ask your team to share stories from their life where they had this experience.
  3. Break down the bite-size action steps needed to accomplish this outcome. Have your team members self-select steps and provide a timeline by when they will have each one completed.
  4. Create a fun countdown scoreboard – X days/hours to accomplish Y and then update it daily.
  5. Now blast, “We are the Champions of the World” and have a mini-dance party – especially belting out the lyric, “And we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end…”

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