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I’ve noticed there seem to be two areas of thought around creating employee happiness amongst knowledge-workers:

1) Along the lines of ROWE – the Results Only Work Environment – where employees can work where they want, when they want and how they want as long as they achieve the results.  Absolute flexibility to create your schedule and accomplish your work.

2) Along the lines of the Zappos culture where camaraderie is king.  An incredible community within your company where the family “spirit” is created every day and people support one another and value each other on a level deeper than simply what they contribute to the company.

In both environments employees can have autonomy over how they get their work done.

In both environments employees can achieve results.

However ROWE offers flexibility in one’s schedule while Camaraderie facilitates a strong sense of community with others.

So two interesting questions pop up:

1) Would employees rather have flexibility in their schedule or a “real deal” community of coworkers that they feel connected with?

2) Can you have both?  And if so, how?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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