“Our People are Our Biggest Asset”

Really?  Do you believe it?  How do you know?

Are you just saying that?  Because it sounds good.  Really good.  And on some level we know it’s true.  Really true.  You know that without your employees, you couldn’t be in business.  And without excellent employees you can’t be an excellent business.

So then why do we spend more time talking about numbers than we do people?

Numbers are clean.  Numbers are safe.  They’re specific.  They’re not subjective.  They don’t lie.  We can trust numbers.

And yet numbers by themselves are hollow results.   They don’t tell you why they are the way they are.  How you got to them is unknowable until you go back to – people – employees, vendors, customers.  The numbers come after the relationships.  The numbers are a result of the relationships.  So why wouldn’t you focus and talk about the relationships way more often than you talk about the numbers?

Because it may be uncomfortable?  Because it may get messy?  Because it may get mushy?  Even go so far as include feelings…whoa..in business?  Business is personal.  All the time, every day.  It feeds our lives on so many levels.

Your people are your biggest asset.  Your relationships with them are your most important asset.

Get messy.  Get mushy.  Connect in a meaningful deep way and watch the numbers reflect the relationships.