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Take a minute, right now, and write down 3 things that are working really well with your team.

Now tell them. And thank them.,
If you’re an aspirational organization who has a culture of improvement, you have an eagle eye awareness of what’s not working or what could be improved upon. Which while excellent can lead us to forget to see what IS working and to acknowledge the goodness that we create together on a daily basis.

Now repeat on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

Why? Two reasons.

First, because as part of your team, it feels good to know we’re successful. We know we’re not perfect, and yet there needs to be a sense of accomplishment, of progress. Even if it doesn’t look like traditional immediate financial progress.
  • Maybe we learned something new as a team.
  • Maybe we made it through a time of adversity.
  • Maybe we had the courage to let go of our attachment to a product line before it sank us.
  • Maybe we all busted a gut to get a project done by the deadline.
  • Maybe we moved to a much better vendor.

Success is motivating. It makes the people on your team feel like the work they do makes a difference. That should they decide to put in the extra effort, it will not only be worth it, but the results will be seen and acknowledged.

Second, you’ll be surprised how this perspective of looking for the positive will often supply solutions for the challenges you face.

Now for those of you who first wanted to know why, take a minute and write down 3 things that are working really well with your team. And tell them. (Knowledge is power when applied.)

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