It’s that time of year, spring has just sprung.  The grass is starting to green. We’re antsy for warmth. The time just changed (except for Arizonians, Hawaiians and Egyptians.)  It’s not the New Year, nor the time to finish the year out strong.  Many of our colleagues are headed out on spring break. Easter and Passover are near. Oh, and taxes are due soon.


So how do you get your team back on task, focused and re-energized – in essence, how to harness their spring fever?

For focus:

  1. Celebrate the successes of the first 13 weeks of the year
  2. Create a sense of urgency and importance – quickly choose one meaningful goal to focus on for the next 6 weeks – a goal that will make everyone feel like major progress has been made once it’s completed – be bold with this (some ideas:  project completion, launch of a new project, tackling significant improvement of a long back-burnered system or process, client appreciation initiative/event)
    • Have each individual define 3 clear tangible next steps they can take to support the goal
    • Create an easy scoreboard to track progress
    • Then have short, stand-up-in-a-circle, show and tell meetings every Monday morning to state (use a timer, 2 minutes each person)
      • Biggest success last week (have everyone yell Booyah!, high five or clap – whatever works for your team)
      • Biggest challenge last week
      • Goals for this week, and help and support they need to accomplish them
    • Send everyone off with a “Let’s do this!”  “We got this!” “You all rock!”  “Let’s go make it happen!”

And let me preface this next section, with yes, these are simple suggestions AND ones that will take the energy field in your office up a notch – leading to higher productivity.

To get through the last winter grays:

1. Brighten the office with some greenery, better lighting, and/or colorful balloons

2. Have one on one meetings take place on a walk outside – get some Vitamin D!

3. Have a manager served BBQ before BBQ season

4. Upgrade the outdoor company picnic table

5. Bring in a disco ball, boombox (someone still owns one) and have a spontaneous dance party – can make a conga line throughout the office

6. Have a brown bag lunch and learn something crazy cool that interests 3 of your colleagues in their free time – Ted Talk style

7. In the mid-afternoon have a pick up game of soccer in the parking lot or Frisbee or croquet in the grass (or charades in the lunch room if you’re still tackling snow)

8. Bubbles for everyone