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Perhaps not literally, but at least verbally.

This question goes out to both employees and business leaders – because managers serve both sides of this coin, often not an easy proposition.

Consider some of the challenges they are tasked with:

  • They have to play good cop and bad cop and at the end of the day still be respected.
  • They have to implement policies they didn’t create.
  • They have to have a good day, even when they’re not having a good day because they’re the example.
  • They have to find creative ways to work around an employee’s weaknesses.
  • They are the suggestion box – often cloaked complaints.
  • They have to find ways to challenge and fulfill employees in jobs that are repetitive.
  • They have to deal with the drama.
  • They have to fire people they care about.

So go ahead.  Go to their office.  Not with a complaint or a request, but simply with a thank you.

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