How often do we find ourselves fully confident that someone in our sphere of work is (pick your fave):  a moron, clueless, or average.  Perhaps your language is more colorful.

Here’s the rub though – THEY ARE IN YOUR SPHERE OF WORK.  Where you spend many waking hours.  Where you potentially spend many valuable life potential waking minutes complaining about such said individual.  (Now who’s clueless…I’ve been there too.)  You’ve already given up on them.  You’ve relegated them to the world of “placeholder” at best.

Now imagine if you took a moment wipe away all preconceived notions and to ask them –  What’s really important to you?  What legacy do you hope to leave? 

The answer will surprise you.  And you may find yourself inspired.  It may be simple and down to earth.  It may be complex and grand.  Regardless, you have just realized that this person is a real deal person, not a placeholder.

And if you’re really brave and willing to raise the bar for both you and them, ask – As your colleague, how can I help you achieve your goal? 

Imagine being a small part in making someone’s life dream a reality.   (That in and of itself is a legacy to be proud of.)

By having such a simple conversation, you have helped someone you thought had little worth live into the amazing potential of who they want to become.

And you have gone from complaining to creating valuable life potential.  All by asking 3 simple questions.  No clueless morons here.