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Human's Hand Placing Wooden BlockAwareness without aligned action doesn’t matter.

Insight without impact doesn’t matter.

Intention without follow-through doesn’t matter.

You can discuss.  You can plan.  You can hope, wait, evaluate, wonder, discover, ponder, consider.

And none of it matters without in the world, tangible action that results in an experience for you, your team, your organization, your colleagues, your clients, and your community.

“Work is love made visible,” Khalil Gibran.

Someday will be the death of you and me.  Literally.  Someday we will both be dead.   And figuratively – someday is the death of dreams and good ideas.  Someday is the gap.

Close the gap by doing what matters now – by taking aligned action towards your mission, your purpose, and your commitments.  That’s it.  Movement leads to accomplishment and fulfillment.  Act, listen, learn, repeat.

Team Building Exercise:

Get your team together.  And consider – where in your organization have you all settled for mediocrity – deciding that’s as good as it’s gonna get?  Possibly citing your industry, resources, competitors, and/or regulations as reasonable reasons to call it “good enough.”

Now consider – what 3 actions – what 3 steps – could you all take on now that would make a difference?  What can you create, contribute, or communicate?  What can you try on – experimenting with possible solutions?

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