Yes, we all would like crazy cool benefits like daycare, spa services, and an onsite dentist provided by our employer – but the reality is that these are simply not doable nor financially reasonable for the majority of companies who have a normal profit margin.

So how does a cash strapped company create happy employees when they can’t “buy” them?

Super duper tip #1) – You can’t buy happiness.  Know that throwing $$ into a dark hole of unhappiness, is throwing $$ into a dark hole  of unhappiness- I know, brilliant.

#2) Hire fabulous people who will ADD to the good vibe of your team.  You don’t want someone who will simply “get along” with others.  You want someone who will fit your culture and create synergies.  Often when you are hiring, you are thinking about how much YOU like the candidate – you must also think of your team dynamics and personalities.   Remember many people enjoy coming to work (and stay there) because of the relationships they have with their coworkers.  Do everything you can to keep these relationships positive.

OH and bonus tip on this one – Never ever hire someone who raises a red flag in the interview process.  No matter how good the resume, no matter how good they look, if your gut gives you a red flag, walk away.  Step away from the shiny suit and twinkle teeth.

#3 inexpensive way to keep your happy employees happy coming Monday 🙂