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Keeping employees happy and motivate

Or, how to regularly reignite your team’s magic…

17 days is all it took (in some cases it only took nine) for most teams to lose that New Year’s “anything’s possible!!” electric joyful magic.

Did you feel it in those first few days? Did you experience the camaraderie and excitement of a new beginning? Smiles abounded! You saw an extra little lilt in everyone’s step! Dreams, goals and commitments for the new year were fully present. And, it was magical.

Where’d the magic go?

Where did the magic of keeping employees happy and motivated go? Perhaps to the pile of apathy, old habits, overwhelm, or daily humdrum.

Here’s the deal – at the beginning of every month, every week and every day – we have an opportunity to reignite that same electrifying (insert mental image of John Travolta in Grease here) NEW magic. It simply takes consistent intentionality – by the individual and by the team – to keep the dreams, goals and commitments present and in sight. This intentionality is key to keeping employees happy and motivated. And, there’s a plethora of ways to be intentional.

A few ways to re-ignite the magic:

To begin, pair up team members each quarter and create dream/goal/accountability partners. Then, have them take 20 minutes each week to talk through the following four questions:

  • What are the Top Three dreams/goals you are committed to creating this year?
  • What specifically are you committed to accomplishing this quarter?
  • What’s already working towards achieving these dreams/goals, and where are you stuck?
  • What specifically are you committed to accomplishing this week?

The weekly responses to the first two questions are meant to be repetitive. Why? They simply help the speaker and listener keep present what each person is committed to creating in their lives and in their work. Repetition is a good thing with this exercise as it’s easy, in all our daily “to-dos” to lose sight of what we’ve committed ourselves to.

As a follow up, in your departmental meetings, do a quick round robin where each person succinctly and “loudy and proudly” shares one of their goals and one strategic step forward they are taking toward that goal.

Here’s to keeping your employees happy and motivated YEAR ROUND!

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