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I had someone twitter me the other day “I hope your criteria for selection is very stringent & employee based. The bad company I work for wins HR awards!”

Argh.  This is SO not good.  And happens way too often.  There are many companies who know how to jump through the PR hoops to get the HR awards to look good.  And unfortunately many of those awards measure HR practices, processes and systems (hiring, reviews, safety).  They do NOT measure the results, the actual perfomance of these efforts.  And this is where things can get goofy.

Misleading HR awards pull the wool over the eyes of the very people who need to see – HR & the business leaders!  I believe most business leaders have  the best of intentions, and would like their people to feel good about coming to work .  It’s simply not fair for them to receive the mixed message that they’re on target and simultaneously see painful and expensive tension/grumpiness/apathy amongst their ranks.

This is why Choose People is adamant about measuring the results of company culture and HR efforts.  There needs to be real feedback, so companies and HR staff can truly know where they stand.  Then they can either celebrate in a way that’s authentic and meaningful for the entire company, or figure out the real next steps for moving forward.

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