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If you’re buying a business there are a many factors you’re assessing – looking at past performance as well as potential future success.

When looking at the potential upside, have you asked yourself what kind of culture would I be inheriting?

Let me give you a simple analogy –

When you inherit an extraordinary culture, you have a state of the art plane, and a runway with the immediate potential to fly to great heights.

When you inherit a toxic culture, the plane is still sitting in pieces, never mind a runway.

How much of a price reduction should you negotiate if it’s toxic?  What’s going to be the cost (financial and emotional) and time frame to turn the culture around?

How much more should you consider offering if it’s a fabulous culture?  What’s it worth to you to be ready to take off on day one?

Now how do you know if the culture is fabulous or toxic?  Ask the seller and chances are “it’s great!”  But how do you really know?

This is where Choose People can help – we measure employee happiness, we measure “do the employees at this company feel good about coming to work.”  Do they want to be there?  Are they excited to be there? Or are they simply warm bodies? Or even worse, are they full of resentment and disgruntled?

Lastly, if it’s an incredible culture we can tell you why so that as you takeover you keep in place those facets that are working.  And if it’s toxic, we can give you a roadmap as well as timeline for turning it around.

Remember the movie “Money Pit?” – a house can look beautiful on the outside and be a disaster waiting to happen on the inside.

Do your cultural due diligence.

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