I just recently heard a man tell me that the most profound advice anyone ever said to him was, “When you speak from the heart, you touch hearts.”

We’re always looking for what will “motivate,” “inspire,” and “engage” our teams. And yet it really can be so simple. Speaking from the heart impacts deeply because the source is real. There’s no agenda, no manipulation. There’s just a desire to communicate from a genuine place.

When you speak from a place of authenticity and simply say “what is” – whether you express vulnerability, fear, concern, adoration, excitement or appreciation – it’s received. And it’s received because it’s honest. As a result, many will choose to engage on this same refreshingly candid level. Nobody has to wonder about mixed messages, ulterior motives or reading between the lines.

So as we get closer to the holidays and this frantic time of warm fuzzies, consider pausing, and saying what you haven’t said. Say how much you appreciate your people. And say it from the heart.

Photo credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/99994054196855539/