Why?  Because they will.  Some day they will find a better opportunity, and when they do, be proud you were part of their journey and celebrate their commitment to playing even bigger.

In the meantime, here’s what to do until they leave:  invest in them.

  • Coach, mentor, advise, guide, support and encourage their development.
  • Get to know them – find out what matters to them. Find out, “what’s your dream?”
  • Appreciate their contribution and acknowledge the impact of their work.
  • Be a stand for their success when they get off track.
  • Have them experience a sense of belonging and being part of a committed team.

The above by the way is a rockin’ retention strategy – and it’s way better than rank desperation breathe.  But do it because you care – not because you want to shackle people to your organization.

PS:  If you worry that investing in your people will result in them leaving you sooner because they’ll become more valuable out in the marketplace – consider you’d rather have someone who is super-engaged and alive for 2-3 years rather than half-dead for 5-8 years.