Contribution Based Skills

I Failed, and I Hope You Do Too

*For those of you who participated in our Online Culture Works Happy Hour on Thursday 7/13/17, you know it didn’t work.  Happy Hour became “Why the heck won’t this promo code work?” Hour.

And while for you, it may have been an annoying blip on your radar, the sky was falling in my office.

At 3:55pm that Thursday I was waiting for the Read more >

The Big Small Idea

I’ve had several roaming thoughts this past week that culminated into a beautiful, slightly painful, self-awareness. And yes, this is still a culture tip. Just a bit of a deeper dive and a somewhat self-indulgent stream of consciousness.

Idea #1: “If you can’t see me, I can’t see you

Belting out this song lyric by Read more >

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