Development Process Quickstart

Empowering Fridays at 3:00: How to Have Effective Team Meetings

If your team works a traditional schedule, the last two hours of the work week are often a waste, but they don’t have to be. You can hold effective, weekly team meetings on Friday afternoons by celebrating wins, evaluating opportunities and setting everyone up for success the following week.  Even though mindsets have shifted towards the weekend, p Read more >

When Play Informs How We Work

Play is one of the first arenas in which we learn how to work with others.   Share, take turns and don’t pinch.  (It took me a while to get that last one.)

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a PlayWorks event.  PlayWorks exists to create safe, happy and healthy play at elementary school recess.

As I was listening, I was thinking about Read more >

7 Savvy Ways to Implement a Change Upgrade

How well does your team react to change?  Do they get on board easily? Are they nimble, excited to innovate, and willing to slog through the awkward learning curve?  Or do they groan every time you suggest a new initiative?  Or perhaps they placate you – nodding in agreement, with no intention of shifting and hoping to wait you out?  Or ar Read more >

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