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She’s 90.

My husband’s Grandma Betty is 90.

And today we’re in Cabo San Lucas celebrating her – a woman whose family absolutely adores her.  At 80 she got her first (and only) tattoo.  At 86 her grin spread wide while she rode on an inner tube behind a speed boat.  A couple years ago she gave all 43 of her grandkids a coffee mug with her face on it so she would have coffee with them each morning. And last night she danced to “Celebrate Good Times C’mon!”

She’s not loved because of her money, her fame or her expertise.  She’s not loved because she strived for greatness.  Nor because she sacrificed and suffered for others.

She’s loved because who she is… is greatness.  She brings forth and expands the greatness of those around her and in her playful loving presence people blossom.

And if you ask her, what’s the key to her longevity, she’d tell you, “laughter and not to take yourself so seriously.”

In honor of Grandma Betty, I’m giving the family WWGBD (What would Grandma Betty do?) bracelets.  As someone who is leading and managing teams, as someone who is responsible and given the honor to bring out the best in others by coaching, mentoring, guiding and supporting your team members – you too may ask yourself, What would Grandma Betty do?

Here’s to laughing more and being the clearing for the greatness of all those who are in your presence to spectacularly show up.

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