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Office Supplies.

That was the expense account that a company my friend worked for looked at to see how the troops were doing.  If the expenses for office supplies increased significantly, they knew they had something to be concerned about.

When employees start pillaging office supplies, you know you’re in trouble.  When a weird sense of entitlement around office supplies shows up, you know the end is dangerously within sight.  Why?  Because if the office culture has gotten so petty, oppressive and passive aggressive that the only way employees can rebel (cry out in anguish) is through office supplies than “open, honest communication” is but a distant memory. An empty echo reverberating down the office halls – soon to be vacant when the economy turns around.

What’s your key indicator for employee happiness?

Is it a measure of something negative:  Errors?  Absenteeism? Project delays?  Long bathroom breaks?  (FYI – if you are measuring this last one, you’ve already hit the bottom of the barrel because trust is SO low within the organization that you’re actually physically spending your time “watching” your employees – uh oh. )

Is it a measure of something positive:  Unsolicited customer thank yous? Above and beyond the call of duty appreciations?  Co-worker recognition?

Within your key performance indicators for your company that you track daily/weekly – make sure you have an accurate indicator for your employee happiness.  At Choose People, on Friday’s we ask, on a scale of 1-10 how was your work week?  Anything less than a 9 and we want to know what could have made it better.

Have a wonderful long fun filled relaxing perfect Labor Day Weekend everyone!

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