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I had the absolute pleasure of attending a presentation by David Firth who recently authored From Making a Living to Creating a Life.  He spoke about how society teaches us that work is something to be disdained.  David pointed out several examples:

  1. What is the first question we ask when someone wins the lottery?  – Will you quit your job? (underlying assumption is that surely you gain no pleasure from work, hence why would you stay if you have all the money you need.)
  2. Examples of work on two very successful TV shows – The Office and The Simpsons.
  3. Since biblical times we have been told that work is punishment.  When having bitten the forbidden apple, Eve was given the pain of childbirth (known interestingly as labor!) and Adam was sent off to “toil all thy days” in the field – work.

David stated we have been taught that “Work is a curse for not being born rich.”

So the next time you are tempted to say, TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!),  imagine if you changed your thinking to TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday!  Heck, wish someone a “Happy Monday!”  Because part of our happiness as employees simply lies in our appreciation of work.  In the appreciation to have the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Hopefully your company thought about and communicated the value they contribute to society and your specific role.  But if they haven’t – maybe you can.

Imagine if you bucked the societal peer pressure of being miserable at work.  Ever noticed how some of your friends or family members love to commiserate over how much their job/company/boss stinks.  Step away from the poisonous water cooler. 

What if you loved your work?  What if you put love/passion/energy into your work?  Imagine if you loved coming to work?  Wow.  Next thing you know your standard of living sky rockets (most of us will spend over 80,000 hours of our lives working.)

And if you truly hate your work for good solid reasons – get out.  And find work worth giving your life to.

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

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