“Would you vote for me to serve with you another year?”

This is the question Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of Zenbanx, asks his employees every year.  This question follows a servant leadership mindset and shows an impressive level of humility, vulnerability, courage and strength.Perhaps you know who would vote for you, and who wouldn’t.  Do you know why?

Your people need to feel their concerns are both heard and thoughtfully considered – regardless of where they are among your ranks.  When people feel dismissed, ignored or invisible, especially as a group, painful divisiveness ensues – between locations, sales and operations, old school and new school, millennials and boomers, management and front-line staff, office and field staff.

Take concerns seriously.  Address and speak to those concerns openly and directly.  Let them know they’re heard and you understand their experience.  Resolve what you can.  Admit when you can’t and acknowledge the impact.

In essence, let them know you care.